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Mortgage Rate as of as low as 3.14% APR

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123 Mortgage Refinance website offers help to find mortgage refinance loans from lenders for good, bad and poor credit home owners. All applications reviewed.

Mortgage rates hold below the 4 percent mark Standard 30-year fixed loan is now 3.14 percent, down from 3.17 percent. Current Mortgage rates are historic low. If you are a homeowner who is current on your mortgage payments but unable to refinance to a lower interest rate because your home value has decreased, you may be able to refinance to as low as 3.14% APR. Contact Refinance Experts for a free consultation.

Sure, it has become harder to get a mortgage or refinance. With us, you can still do it and save a lot of money! 123 Refinance is not acting as a lender or a broker ("Service Provider"). The information provided by you is not an application for a mortgage loan nor it is used to pre-qualify you with any lender. Leading Service Providers, who participate in matching engine, may have loan products available, matching the criteria you submit via third party forms.

Top 10 Refinancing Tips

Tip 1 Improve your credit rating to GOOD
Tip 2 Shop around for loans. Online is easy
Tip 3 Now is the good time to refinance
Tip 4 Watch for closing costs.
Tip 5 Get Good Faith Estimate before you sign
Tip 6 Organize & gather all your documents
Tip 7 Don't judge a loan by costs & rate alone
Tip 8 Be patient. Refinance takes 45 days
Tip 9 Reject a deal with in three business days
Tip 10 Put down 20%+ Increase house value

All our quotes are free and there are no hidden fees. No SSN Required & No Obligation to receive your free official refinance quote. Contact for Mortgage Refinance. Mortgage Rates are lower than ever before but it can go up any time sooner. Even though it is tough to get a mortgage refinance we can help you to find the best rate for you.

"Yes, it is still a good time to refinance, for certain people -- it depends on variables like the borrower's financial situation, the purpose of the refinance and the dollar value of the loan." - CNN

Got Best Refinance?

- Improve your credit to good or ok
- Home owner of a one to four unit
- Current on your mortgage payments
- With or Without mortgage insurance
- Current mortgage documents
- Most recent income tax return or paystubs
- Immediate reduction in your payments
- Provide only true information

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Make sure your credit rating is good before you contact Refinance experts to find how much your new mortgage payment will be. Our website can provide information and tips to reduce your payment upto 50% in some cases. Every day you put mortgage refinance off is probably costing you money.

If you have equity in your home, your credit rating is relatively intact and your lender hasn't yet filed a notice of default, you may be able to get another loan with more affordable payments. The experienced mortgage brokers, one affiliated with the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, can let you know your options. Be cautious about jumping into another risky loan, though: adjustable, interest-only or "option" mortgages might just put off the day of reckoning and you could find yourself facing even higher payments down the road.

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